Business Seminar

We are sad to say that due to circumstances outside of our control we are forced to reschedule our Small Business Seminar scheduled for June 16th.

Please check back for updates. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to seeing you at our next scheduled seminar.


DL (left) has 24+ years of technology experience. He's saved companies many thousands of dollars with his automation solutions. He has extensive experience training others to use a wide variety of technology in restaurant, warehousing and web development. This training covers common office software, specific trade tools and best practices to improve personal productivity.

Jeff (right) has mastered the art of online promotion using Facebook, Instagram, Google and more. He has spent the last five years coaching business owners on effective Facebook advertising campaigns and targeting specific demographics. His clients span real estate moguls, national restaurant chaings, online merchants, nonprofits and various other small business owners.